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Photo of Mountain Mint
This variety of Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum pilosum) makes a delicious tea, and an essential can be distilled from the plant material. However growing from seed proved to be a slow process and germination was poor. Now we propagate from cuttings started in our greenhouse.

New for 2000, Mountain Mint Cuttings.

Hardy to Zone 5 this mint prefers sun to part shade. Likes a rich loamy soil an while it will tolerate dryer conditions it should be well watered for best results during the growing season. Well liked by bees.
Prices for Mountain Mint cuttings are: CAN $1.00 each. Taxes additional where applicable. Shipped in flats of 75 plants.
For more information on growing Mountain Mint click here. In addition to growing Medicinal Herb seedlings in our greenhouses we also field grow many medicinal herbs.
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Photo of Mountain Mint dried foliage, ready for tea making
Mountain Mint leaves, slow dried ready for tea.

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