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Photo of Milk Thistle blooms
An incredible plant it grows to six feet in height is a Biennial but is grown as an annual in our Northern climate. It can be direct seeded but we know that seedlings will produce the valuable seed which contains silymarin which is extracted from the seeds. This plant will not tolerate frost which is why we use seedlings planted at the beginning of June which flower in late July and produce seed in September. Milk thistle does well in well drained soil and will spread to about two and a half feet.

For the year 2000, we are again offering
Milk Thistle seedlings.

Our seedlings are hardened off ready for transplanting at about 3" in height.
Prices for Milk Thistle seedlings are as last year: CAN .40¢ each for orders over 500 plants and CAN .50¢ each on orders of 500 plants or less. Taxes additional where applicable. Shipped in flats of 128 plants.
For more information on growing Milk Thistle, click here. In addition to growing Medicinal Herb seedlings in our greenhouses we also field grow many medicinal herbs.
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Photo of West Country Herb Milk thistle seedlings
Milk Thistle seedlings
A sea of Milk Thistle-Photo
A sea of Milk Thistle

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