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Echinacea angustifolia is well established as an important medicinal herb. Many new cold and sore throat products are appearing in the marketplace with Echinacea as a featured ingredient. There is every indication that the consumer will maintain the increase in demand for high quality Echinacea. Plants grown in Western Canada are renouned for their Northern vigour and excellent quality. Echinacea angustifolia is the most valuable of the Echinaceas. Grown primarily for the root which is usually harvested in the fall of the third year. Seed can be harvested in the second and third year. This echinacea is native to the prairie region of North America and is hardy to Zone 3. This plant prefers well drained sandy loam-slightly alkaline. Direct seeding gives mixed results in many instances, with poor and erratic germination.

For the year 2000, we are again offering choice
Echinacea angustifolia seedlings.

Grown from laboratory tested and certified seed, the seedlings are in the five leaf stage ready for transplanting.
All our seedlings are hardened off, are vigorous, and give an excellent head start on the growing season.
Prices for Echinacea angustifolia seedlings are as last year: CAN .40¢ each for orders over 500 plants and CAN .50¢ each on orders of 500 plants or less. Taxes additional where applicable. Shipped in flats of 128 plants.
For more information on growing Echinacea angustifolia take a look at our field grown Echinacea pages. In addition to growing Medicinal Herb seedlings in our greenhouses we also field grow many other medicinal herbs. Our Greenhouses are located at Morinville, Alberta, Canada.
We are committed to sharing our growing experiences and information with you.
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For additional information please E-Mail: roi@westcountryherbs.com or call us: 790/938.3391 we do enjoy hearing from you.
Typical West Country Herbs Echinacea seedling
A West Country Herb, Echinacea seedling
ready for transplanting.

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